How Companies Are Getting to the Top of Google Through the search engine optimization?

December 7, 2020 - by Admin
How Companies Are Getting to the Top of Google Through the search engine optimization?

If online searching was a game of football, Google would be Lionel Messi. It’s simply the best there is; it currently owns a whopping 87% share in the search engine market!

When people need any service, they go to Google. More than 85% of consumers use search engines and the first three search results get 55% of the clicks. If you want your company to be found online, Google is where you need to be.

 Framework of a Google Page

Before you go into battle, you need to know thy enemy to perform well. The first page of Google is made of four sections:

The first thing that mostly people see on a Google page are the Local Services ads because they appear based on location. Google will pull up a list of companies in your area with a quick scan of the internet.

Of course, Google is going to show the companies that pay them money. Local Services ads are similar to PPC search ads but they appear differently.

Local Services ads are designed for quick information, so below there are the essential parts of Google ads;

Business name

Phone number


Review rating


The main use to Google Local Services ads is that your company will appear at the top of the search results. These ads will get you on the top when they search for related services or products.

You’ll also get a Google Guarantee badge on your profile, presenting that Google has verified your business. People trust Google for all their information so it helps in winning the public's confidence.

 Local Services ads are paid, but they’re not as expensive as you might think.

google advertisement

Pay Per Click Ads for Roofing Companies (PPC)

Next on the search results are pay per click ads. In a PPC ad, Google will push your result to the top of the rankings in exchange for a small fee when someone clicks on it.

Moreover, Contrasting Local Services ads, PPC ads include a description of your products or services and your website link. It’s like getting organic results to the top without putting in the efforts or waiting to build search engine optimization.

For PPC ads, you choose the amount per click, so it’s easy to stay on budget. However, keep in mind that Google might give priority to the companies that bid higher.

Sometimes PPC can be a time-consuming process, but the paybacks of PPC ads are incontestable. Most businesses earn higher on PPC advertisements.


Local search engine optimization for Local Ranking Package:

The local pack has a map at the top that shows the service area and the locations of nearby businesses. Under the map is a list of local companies and their:

Review ratings


Hours of operation

Phone number


Local (SEO) is very important in today’s digital age. Almost half of all google searches are for local services and information. Only the top three businesses appear on the results without an extra click, so that’s where you want to be.

Unlike Services ads and PPC local search engine optimization takes some effort. For SEO you will have to optimize online presence so Google can find your information easily.

Almost half of the Google searches are for local information and services. Only the top three optimized pages appear on the top without an extra click. However, local SEO helps in appearing your business and services nearby customers.


WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR LOCAL search engine optimization:

Use localized keywords like “SHR Marketing 360” instead of common like “Marketing Company”

Add on the local directories like Facebook, Yahoo etc.

Sustain Google My Business page

Make sure name, address, phone number are reliable across platforms

Get positive reviews on Google My Business acceptance

When someone searches for the concerned products or services, Google washes the internet for businesses with relevant information. with more relevant information you have more chances to get ranking on Google


Search Engine Optimization for Your business: 

Local search engine optimization helps you rank when someone searches specifically for local services like “marketing companies near me” but what if they’re not ready for a service and search for “how to get marketing services”? multiple keywords help in getting more search areas.

We are crazy to for it here are five of the best ways to boost your SEO and rank higher on the search results.

In SEO you won’t see the results overnight. It will take some time to implement the strategies and to build equity on Google. Moreover, google considers over 200 factors while ranking websites.



With an increase in smartphone users, more people are searching for services using their mobile devices.


The smartphones have increased the number of searches & boosted the experience as well. Make sure your website is user friendly to give better experience. In fact, mobile users makeup 53% of all internet traffic! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may lose the majority of internet users.



Google doesn’t rank websites; it ranks web pages so thus every single page on your website is an opportunity to rank. Create individual pages each thing you offer, and link internally to other pages on your website. The more searches you’ll appear in with the more pages you have.



Blogs aren’t just for social media stars and online personalities; they’re great for roofing your business too! Each blog is a new web page and a new opportunity to rank in searches. As well as they also give you an opportunity to rank for specific keywords and search phrases.

If you know customers want to make investment and are looking for investment opportunities and you wrote on this keyword. Whenever someone asks Google the related questions, your blog will be in the front.

Furthermore, if people and businesses find your blogs interesting, They’ll most likely add links on their websites or post to social media. It will help your website to be optimized.



Google doesn’t just look at your website for ranking factors. It cleans the entire internet for information. In case more of your website is found around the internet, the higher you’ll rank with Google.

In addition, Backlinks are one of the most important offsite search engine optimization factors. Backlinks link your web pages on other people’s websites. When Google finds links to your website in a bunch of places it assumes that you have the best information and pushes your website higher.



Google loves to use reviews as another important offsite search engine optimization factor. As Google wants to give users the best information possible. A company or business with a 5-star rating will be more preferable than a business with 2-star rating. That’s why companies need to maintain high ratings. It helps you in the search rankings for Search Engine Optimization?

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