Most Successful Businesses opportunities in Pakistan

January 6, 2021 - by Admin
Most Successful Businesses opportunities in Pakistan
Are you looking to start a business in Pakistan but confused about what business is profitable?? In this article we are going to tell you the top most successful businesses in Pakistan. The businesses through which you can get a high return on investment.
  1.             Pharmaceutical  Business:
The adulteration (Milawaat) of food is common in Pakistan due to which over 212.2 million people suffer from several health issues. Therefore, medicine has tremendous demand in Pakistan. However, ROI on medicine is around 15%-50% in retail and with this you can earn (net income) 0.15 Pkr to 0.50 Pkr for each rupee of total sales. while in wholesale it varies between 3%-7%.  In pharmaceutical manufacturing you can make from 30% to over 70% profit depending on its demand, competition, reliability, customer satisfaction, brand value, and govt taxes etc. Thus, pharmaceuticals can be listed in the most successful business opportunities in Pakistan.
  1.             Textile Business:
Ever heard “roti kapra makaan”? It is not only a slogan of a political party but also used by people in general to dictate their basic needs and rights. Such basic necessities of life are a part of our daily routine. Plus, the retail cloth business has super return on investment just like pharmaceuticals. Moreover, return on investment for textile business opportunities such as retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing varies between 5% -60%.
  1.             Food Business:
From animals to humans, no one can live without eating in this world. Everyone needs to eat something daily because food is a daily necessity. We have these awesome food streets from Namak Mandi of Peshawar to Monal in Islamabad and all over Pakistan. These food streets make millions of money every month. Lahore and Karachi are also known for their rich and delicious cuisines. As well as ROI for food business opportunities vary between 30%-70% for both small outlets like chai walas, burger walas plus larger ones like typical restaurants, Savor foods etc.
  1.             Property Business opportunities:
Every person needs a place to settle & as the rapid increase in the population of the country, the demand for property is also increasing. All the huge housing schemes like DHA, Bahria town & Capital Smart City are the examples of successful property businesses. Return on investment in property business opportunities vary between 25%-70%. Although remember that you have to wait for the right time to get a prominent ROI by considering money devaluation, inflation, economic growth as well as the political & security situation.
  1.             Retail, Wholesale, Distribution Mix (Grocery)
Grocery selling outlets at bulk, retail price etc. can also provide a good opportunity to have a stable and continuous source of income without much risk. Grocery products such as bakery items, sanitary and other stuff is . Although you can gauge the demand of the items, services you should be offering at your retail store and general store etc. This business is almost entirely dependent on customer flow and can only become successful at a busy spot. Grocery business also stands in the top business opportunities in Pakistan. Return on investment varies between 10%-50%.
  1.             Automobiles Business
The business of Automobiles is also profitable because people in Pakistan have been earning quite well in recent times. The purchasing power has also increased quite rapidly for the luxury items. Thus, the people mostly prefer to have their own conveyance to reduce expenses. Automobiles is one of the most vibrant sectors for profitable business opportunities in Pakistan. ROI here varies between 10%-35%.
  1.             Smartphones Business
Phones have become an important part of our lives. The demand for smartphones increases when companies introduce new models & latest versions in the market.  So, if once you get your hand in the right spot you can really make some serious money in this sector. Demand for smartphones is always huge, ROI is quite healthy and sales are enormous. All you need is a right location, right investment, right time, right approach, right management to reap expected return on investment. Return on investment on smartphones varies between 5%-30%. Alongside, the average life of a smart phone is 4.7 years. However, there are almost 4 crore smartphone users in Pakistan. So, you can see the demand. So, if you’re thinking of having a good and successful business in Pakistan, this information can be helpful for you to understand the business opportunities.

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