How many ways can I put Facebook Ads?

December 7, 2020 - by Admin
How many ways can I put Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network :

To connect with your audience. However, the ever-changing Facebook algorithm can make it a challenge to connect organically with fans. Micro-targeting features of Facebook allow you to reach your exact target audience. That means Facebook ads can get your message in front of those who are most likely interested to buy your products.

As we know that Facebook provides the largest and widest platform to publish your business. It also requires proper strategies to follow to get desired results. Here you will get to know all the types of Facebook ads to get maximum sales and leads.

So It’s important to understand the different Facebook ad types if you want to get the best results. In this guide, you will get to know everything you need, from planning your first ad to developing advanced campaign strategies.  

Here you will know the:

Types of Facebook Ads

  1.         How to Advertise on Facebook-Guide

  2.   Facebook Ad specs

  3. Tips for running Ads on Facebook

  4.         Facebook Advertisement ideas 

Types of Facebook ads:


Image ads:

It is a simple and great way to get started with Facebook ads. You can create it with just a few clicks by boosting an existing image ad. Facebook Advertisement may be simple. But should  not be boring for the audience. However, the selection of image ads must be eye catching that can attract the people.

Video Ads:

The video ads are a more comprehensive type of Facebook Ads. Through video Ads, you can share the information in more detail. Video ads can be out on the News Feed and stories, or they can appear as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. Video ads will show your product in action.

Moreover, these ads don’t need to use filmed video footage. It's up to you how you want to present your things. It can be like a GIF, graphics or other animations to capture attention or explain your offer.

Poll Video ads:


These types of Facebook ads have a great feature to include a question. And response options in a video ad campaign on mobile in the Facebook news feed. As well as creating a poll ad helps to provide an interactive experience that allows the people to express their favorites.

It’s a brand-new type of Facebook paid advertising. These ads can increase brand awareness more effectively than regular video ads.

Carousel ads:

A carousel ad uses up to 10 images or videos to display your product or service. This type of ad can be used to highlight the different features and benefits of your business or number of products at a time.

Slideshow ads:

It offers an easy way to create short video ads from photos, texts, as well as video clips from a collection at your phone. So in case you don’t have your own images, you can choose stock photos from the Ads Manager.

As well as slideshow Facebook ads show an eye-catching motion, just like videos. Furthermore, these slideshow ads can be seen easily even on slow internet connection. Therefore, they’re an easy and low-impact way to draw audience attention.

Collection ads:


These are paid Facebook ads, offered to mobile devices only, and allow you to showcase five products in front of customers to click to buy. Collection ads makes the process easier for people to discover. Browse and purchase products and services from mobile devices.

Instant Experience ads:


They are the full-screen ad format that loads 15 times faster. Than a mobile website outside of Facebook and used to be called Canvas. In addition, Instant experience ads showcase products in a grid layout so people can browse more of your products in one place. Moreover, you can also link to additional Instant Experiences so people have access to even more instant mobile content.

Lead ads:

These are the most common and used Facebook ads that are only available for mobile devices. They’re specifically designed for people to make it easier to give their contact information without a lot of typing. Leads ads allow you to find the people who are interested in your products, by using an instant form to collect the contact information such as, name, phone number, Email etc.

Dynamic ads:


Dynamic ads allow you to promote targeted products to the customers most likely to be interested in those products.

For example, if someone has visited a product page or placed a product in their shopping cart on your website, but then abandoned the purchase, ads of those specific products will appear in their Facebook feed.

Dynamic Ads remind the potential customer to complete the purchase, and can be very effective.

Messenger ads:

They are very useful Facebook Ads because Messenger ads give you access to the 1.3 billion people who use Messenger every month. Simply choose Messenger as the desired placement when using an ad. For this, you also need to select Facebook feed.

Stories ads:

It is also the best way to put ads on Facebook through stories as we know that more than 300 million people use Facebook and messenger stories. You can include Facebook stories as an additional placement on news feeds.  Moreover, Stories ads are a full-screen vertical video format and have proven highly effective.

Playable ads:


Facebook payable ads are an interactive video ad for the mobile app advertisers to offer a short preview of their app before a person chooses to download it.

Playable ads are available on Facebook News Feed. And also opt into Instagram feed. So Instagram Stories via the placement asset customization

In this type of Facebook ad, when a person taps on the video, they will be taken to a full-screen game demo to interact with. Thereafter, A call to action will appear when the demo is complete. For this purpose, you create a game experience. That encourages people to interact with your creative content.


Stories augmented reality ads:


These ads use features like filters and animation to allow people to interact with your brand. Augmented reality is new to Facebook. When someone taps on your ad a visual overlay tells them how to interact with your product, brand or effect.

Facebook ads specs:

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while getting your images and videos ready for Facebook ads. Since these details may change often as according to the Facebook policy .


Text and objective specs for Facebook ads

To create the best ads, you must keep recommended character counts in mind. Anything exceeding text limits will be cut off.

Image ads:

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

Body text: 125 characters

Campaign objectives: All except video views

Video ads:

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

Body text: 125 characters

Campaign objectives: All except catalog sales

Facebook Stories ads:

Text: No set character count for ads.

Campaign objectives: Engagement, catalog sales, messages and store traffic

Slideshow ads:

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

Body text: 125 characters

Campaign objectives: All

Carousel ads:

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 20 characters

Body text: 125 characters

Campaign objectives: All except video and engagement views

Collection ads:

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: n/a

Body text: 90 characters

Campaign objectives: Traffic, catalog sales, conversions and store traffic.

Instant Experience ads:

Text: Blocks of text up to 500 words each.

Campaign objectives: All except lead generation, messages and catalog sales.

Messenger Inbox ads

Headline: n/a

Link description: n/a

Body text: 125 characters

Campaign objectives: Traffic, app installs, conversions, catalog sales and messages.



In this blog we’ve explained all the types of facebook ads where you can publish your business. Moreover, we are going to highlight the following important points in our coming blogs soon:
  1. How to Advertise on Facebook-Guide

  2.         Tips for running Ads on Facebook

  3.       Facebook Ads ideas

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