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Graphic Designing

"Design is intelligence made visible." Now SHR Marketing 360 is offering full extensive services of Graphic Designing in every category of visiting cards,Flyers, Brochures, Bill Books, Vouchers, Catalogues, Standees, Graphical and...Digital Bill Boards, Logo UI/UX designs, Banners, Web Designs, Stationeries, Neon (3d Signs), Social Media Posts, Social Ads of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google along with cover photos of facebook with perfect visual outlook. These services will be designed by uptrending softwares like In Page,  Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, 3d Studio Max, Lumiol etc.


Good SEO work only gets better over time. It's only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. SHR Marketing 360 believes in doing a few things — and doing them well! Paid Search and ...Social, SEO, Marketing Automation, and Social Media. We believe in listening, prioritizing and implementing just the right tool at the right time. Our team of passionate digital marketers live to grow small-to-mid-size businesses anywhere. Our focused approach is based on our clients’ goals - to maximizing the ranking and reviews of social and eCommerce websites with using the best keywords and best seo tools– tapping the right strategy then testing and tracking to always deliver results that let you reinvest and grow...and reinvest and grow some more!

Web Development

Build your perfect website. We create powerful brand-centric and functional sites. We deliver high quality solutions and services through our motivated and competent team with focus on beyond our clients expectations every time.... We perform a strategic analysis for each project to ensure that we not only understand all of the requirements, but that the end product will solve our client's issues or meet their expectations. We investigate each pitch to determine the direction our client is going to make sure that goal is one that will benefit them in the long-term. Through our years of experience building personalized web experiences, we help our clients understand what type of website will bring them the most value long-term

App Development

As all we know this time is going on dynamic applications. SHR Marketing 360 holds the overall command and grip in providing the best dynamic apps of both IOS and Android users. Our Custom Application Developement services are... supported by deep industry expertise, supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern application developement platforms supported include Dot Net, Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Automation. SHR Marketing 360 can support your enterprise throughout the entire application development lifecycle with its application lifecycle management services.SHR Marketing 360 helps to conceptualize and capture initial requirements, while providing a full range of architecture, design, development and qassurance capabilities. We also help to ensure application security with software deployment and data migration.

Digital Marketing

In the ongoing trending in Pakistan, as the whole economy is gradually moving towards the Developement stage as like all organizations,corporations and every business is moving towards Digital Marketing.... Digital Marketing has become the basic necessity for every business' approach,attaining goals, aims and missions. In this diversification stage of the economy, SHR Marketing 360 is providing the best solutions of Digital Marketing on every platform ; Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vimeo, Flickr, Tik Tok and on other social networks. The services which we are providing for digital marketing solutions are Organic and In-organic campaigns on all platforms along with the content,article and blog feeding. This framework not only ends over here, also providing the services of Story lines feeding, in stream feeding, post feeding, lead generation feeding, viewing feeding on sub-total channels, seo services along with sem, keywords - targeting,planning and suggestion and the most best feature ; Pay per click and much more.

Content Writing

“Good first impressions....are good for business.” Best content writing provides the unrivalled impression of the audience all around the globe. There is no doubt if we say that content writing plays a vital role in leading feeding and... retenting the audience about the description of any category of product or service. In the  situation of complexity, SHR Marketing 360 is providing the optimal content writing for every business to achieve its goals, to enhance the growth of its business and to attain rapid goodwill in the economy. SHR Marketing 360 holds a strong grip in writing the top of the line articles, blogs, dessertions etc in any words limit.

Promoting Brands

A brand’s strength is built upon its determination to promote its own distinctive values and mission.Nonpareil Promotional plans, strategies and implemenation rules makes any business a brand. Promotional features plays a dynamic role in delivery the... best viusalization of the brand for its continuity, mantaining and for further retrieving its targets and rapid growth and goodwill. SHR Marketing 360 is offering best enhancive offers and features for promoting brands like web developement, app developement, content writing, graphic designing, video elemets, digital marketing and much more.

Business Plans

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Plan brings the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. For achieving the goals and targets of every business, it is essential that every business make its present and... future plans along with the top-drawer strategies which should be accurately and perfect coordinatively implemented. SHR Marketing 360 grasps the overall grip in creation and implementation of successive business plans and straegies in every category of the business.

App Development

Experienced iPad and iPhone app developers that specialize in iOS development designated to your project. Our iOS development services include consulting and product strategy, UX/UI design, development, testing and technical delivery....erisque enim ligula venenatis dolor. Maecenas nisl est, ultrices nec congue eget, auctor vitae massa. Fusce luctus vestibulum augue ut aliquet. Nunc sagittis dictum nisi, sed ullamcorper ipsum dignissim ac. In at libero sed nunc venenatis imperdiet sed ornare turpis. Donec vitae dui eget tellus gravida venenatis. Integer fringilla congue eros non fermentum. Sed dapibus pulvinar nibh tempor porta.

Who We Are
We Are


SHR Marketing 360 is a full-service digital marketing agency holding extensive experience in driving most impressive results for multiple clients in a diverse range of industries. If you want to enhance your online presence, promotional presence of your offered products of any category, for digital branding and generate more revenue. For this, obviously you need a trusted digital marketing partner – a partner like SHR Marketing 360.


 Now it’s time to avail your best time for marketing strategy in the right direction for your brand wide publicity. We specialize in promoting your brand via App Development, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Article Writing, Video Editing and Digital marketing. Through usage of these strategies, we create business links for you with your buyers so you can excel exponentially.


Thus, we make every digital strategy prominent. SHR Marketing 360 specializes in provision of eminent application and website developements. We assist small, medium and large enterprises with their marketing so as to generate leads and create new opportunities for growth and rapid goodwill. SHR utilizes the latest technologies and works with you to create the right strategy thus ensuring that you get the right results.

“SHR Marketing 360 targets getting and keeping up an unparalleled level of Trust and selflessness in the comity of business. As CEO of SHR Marketing 360 my sole desires and commitments are to ensure that our business progress to the favorable position everything being equivalent. The Digital Ad Agency envisions outfitting an appearance on adventure similar with our valuation as a presentation capable image. The Agency means to continue with its inheritance of expert in the business segments we serve and in the communities where we live and work. We are anticipating expand our impressions far past the local range. We acknowledge that our things, organizations and the characteristics that add to our customers’ business remain the vital segments of our sureness continued with progress.”



“Syed Tahir Abbas, As a director of SHR Marketing 360, I personally want to convey digital exposure to all over the pakistan with our reliable and durable services. I believe on providing the trending developement of website and applications, not developmental services Graphic Designing, Interior Designing, Digital Marketing and SEO Services as well. I want to make SHR Marketing 360 as a prominent ad agency all around the globe which will empower its country’s youth by outsourcing its project to develop a lustrous Pakistan.”




Sir Mohsin

Head of the Marketing Dept. Graphic Designer & Video Editor, having 14 years of work experience with various esteemed organizations & various designations.

 HOD, Graphic Designer, Video Editor & Trainer.

Mohsin Raza

Sir Muzammill

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Content Writer, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Communications Manager, SEO Specialist and Social Media Manager. worked in MOH,  PSDF, IBL, GM, AC.

Muzammil Rasheed
Social Media Manager


Worked in various fields in different organizations  with various designations:

IT Support Engineer, SEO Executive, Front End Developer, Social Media Marketer & YouTube Video promoter.

Adil Khan
SEO Executive


Worked in various National and International institutes and organizations  with various designations:

 Full Stack Web Developer, Search Engine Optimizer and Android Developer.

Naveed Khan
Web Developer


Worked in various fields from freelancer to full time job with various designations:

 Web Developer, Trainer, Team Leader, supervisor.

Muhammad Tayyab Zamir
Mobile App Developer


Photographer worked in different organizations, served 2 years as a photographer and graphic designer in various well-known organizations with various designations:

 Photographer, Graphic Designer.

Muhammad Ahtesham Ashraf

Muhammad Usman Malik

Worked in web development field in different Well Established Organizations with various designations:

 Web Developer, Instructor and Team Leader.

Muhammad Usman Malik
Web Developer

Raja Khayyam

SEO Expert worked in various well-esteemed organizations having 1-year work experience as.

 Search Engine Optimizer, Website Analyst and Team Leader.

Raja Khayyam
SEO Expert


Worked with various designations:

Content Writer for the blogs, websites, applications, Articles, web 2.0 & guest posting.

Huma Kayani
Content Writer


Graphic Designer With 5 years experience in various institutes and organizations With designation:

 Graphic Designer 

Usman Khan
Graphic Designer

Ali Mubeen

Graphic Designer Currently working as internee in SHR Marketing 360.

 Graphic Designer 

Ali Mubeen
Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer, With 2 years experience in various well-reputed organizations as: 

 Graphic Designer, Team Leader.

Eqra Zafar
Graphic Designer


Content Writer and Social Media Manager currently working as an internee in SHR Marketing 360.

 Content Writer, Social Media Manager.

Asad Javed
Social Media Manager



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